Creative TextFX

Creative TextFX With Creative TextFX v2 you can create stunning text effects in FLASH. Effects,100% customizable * Rich text support with easy font manipulation & fonts embedding * 3D effects * 3 transition types (In effects, Out effects, and Wait effects) * Configure Creative TextFX component from the Actionscript 3 code * Integrated preview mode * Action triggered effects and filter effects Build it yourself: 100% customizable * Event triggered actions (add Sound, add URL, go to frame, call function) * Filters: drop shadow, blur,

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J-Perk 7.0

effects and DHTML scripts to your Web pages quickly and easily. It includes more than 55 special effects that are easily customizable to make your Web pages come alive! J-Perk`s Special Effects wizards step you through the creation of each Special Effect and then creates your customized effect with the click of a button. Preview it and then J-Perk helps you put the Special Effect in your Web page and it`s ready to go! J-Perk special effects include

dropdown menus, scrolling tickers, hover buttons, slideshows, dhtml, web page special effects, javascripts, animation

SFX Machine Pro for Windows 1.1.1: SFX Machine Pro is a modular audio effects plug-in for VST host programs.
SFX Machine Pro for Windows 1.1.1

effects plug-ins. It comes with over 300 effects, including more than 50 new effects. In addition, a Preset Editor provides access to the underlying modular synthesis engine, allowing users to create their own effects from scratch. The plug-in provides Tempo Sync, which matches LFO frequencies and delay times to the host sequencer`s tempo, and it includes an output limiter, a new interface, and twice as much delay memory as SFX Machine RT. Automated

audio, multimedia, effects, plug in, midi, music, sound

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Web Effects 1.0

Create Web Sites full of effects in seconds. With a few clicks of your mouse Web Effects generates a multi page website full of special effects. Unregistered version is fully funtional. Registered users get much more funtionality and many more features.

effects, site

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Dynamic Web Page Effects 4.72

Dynamic Web Page Effects contains several products which allow a variety of effects and controls to be added to web pages. The effects and controls allow more information to be placed within an area of a web page and at the same time provide visitors with a dynamic and interactive experience.

web effects, web page effects, dynamic web page effects, effects, page, dynamic web page, dynamic

255 Magic Animating Buttons 5.0: Java applet navigation button menus with mouse-sensitive animation effects.
255 Magic Animating Buttons 5.0

Java applet navigation button menus with mouse-sensitive animation and pulsing effects. Apply them to any graphic of your choice. Transition effects include classic fades, rainbow fades, folding page effects, ripples and waves, sweeps and wipes. Highly user-configurable. Loads of parameters to design your own transition effects. For fast download times, attractive and configurable internal graphics are optionally available.

fold, magic, ripple, effect, menu, java, fade, lake, rainbow, navigation, graphics, animate, applet

Foto2Avi 3.3: Foto2Avi is a free video/photo converter to avi/mpeg/flv.It is video editor too
Foto2Avi 3.3

Foto2Avi is a freeware basic video/photo converter to avi/mpeg/flv. It is an video editor too. Has special effects like ... Transitions (Flippage,Swirl...) Basic Effects (Brightness/Noise/Fade in/Fade out) Advanced Effects (Distort, Ripple) Animations Subtitles Logos Any of these effects is highy customizable ! You have thousands of effecs right out of the box ! The only limit is your imagination...

basic, video, avi mpeg flv, foto2avi, editor, freeware, video photo, converter

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